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Mosquito Control Allentown

Every once in awhile, it is nice to enjoy a meal on your patio. However, mosquitoes will make an appearance and you will most likely lose your appetite. As your kids play and run around in your backyard, these insects can find their way onto your property, making playtime extremely stressful and dangerous. Way too often, mosquitoes are the ones responsible for ruining what could have been an enjoyable outdoor activity.

More Than Just a Nuisance

As these winged creatures buzz around and feed on you and your family, they become way more than just annoying pests. A mosquito bite can cause redness, swelling, and itchiness that can last anywhere between a couple of hours to an entire week. Worse, a mosquito can also spread fatal diseases such as West Nile fever, Zika fever, and malaria. In pets, a mosquito can transmit debilitating conditions including heartworm disease.

Mosquito control can be enforced to reduce your contact to mosquitoes. If you want to take certain measures that don’t require hiring a mosquito control specialist, you can wear insecticides whenever you go out, wear long sleeves and pants whenever they are most active, and also remove standing water pools on your property to prevent mosquito breeding. Yet, these measures are still not enough to drive these insects away from you and your property. This is why you need to seek the help of Father & Son Pest Control’s organic mosquito control specialists.

Mosquito Control

Why Hiring a Professional for a Mosquito Control is Necessary

Even when you take precautions, there is no stopping for these insects to breed. Standing water can be difficult to remove completely because you also need to make sure there is none in your birdbaths, pet water bowls, flower pot saucers, and pool covers. Mosquitoes can still make a terrible, unwelcome appearance even when you have done all that you can to eliminate all their favorite spots for breeding.

This is when Father & Son Pest Control’s organic mosquito control methods can be of great help to you. Their experts can do the following:

  • Apply a pest control barrier around your entire property that will last for a month
  • If you prefer, they will also apply a mild organic repellent that can last for a week or two per application
  • Treat areas in your home throughout the entire summer and when the mosquitoes are most active
  • Spray your entire home with mosquito repellent solutions before you conduct a special event within your property such as a graduation party or a wedding

Mosquito Control

Father & Son Pest Control and their specialists understand the importance of maintaining a home that is free from mosquitoes. They know what products that should be used to achieve optimum results and they also know the dosages that should be applied to ensure a specific area is treated properly.

Mosquitoes are persistent creatures which is why you should also persist in driving them out of your home. Call Father & Son Pest Control today as they are the only solution to your problem. Father & Son Pest Control’s professionals can create a tailored solution for you based on special considerations and your needs.

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